Boss Lady Entertainment is the first black owned, strictly luxury hip-hop fashion designing company based in LA.

Boss Lady Entertainment, seeks to become the number one fashion designing company in Chicago’s fashion industry and bridging Los Angeles to New York City. We are a premier fashion consulting firm specializing in runway execution, marketing, public relations and promotions. We work with all facets of the fashion industry to popularize, promote and celebrate the creative and artistic fashion culture within the Chicago metro area. As a firm we provide end-to-end services as fashion strategists, consultants, designers and stylists that will serve as your liaison with the creative and artistic resources within the Chicago Fashion Industry.

Boss Lady Entertainment is an expert in the fashion and entertainment industry, has its own hip-hop brand, Q by Quincy Lee Johnson and offers a large variety of garments for men and women. The Q brand style  is for black men who want to get his swag back. The Q brand, empower men worldwide with a confidence never felt before. Q believe that every elite gentlemen need their wardrobe to accentuate their unique physique.  When it comes to fashion Quincy and Arie Johnson, the CEO’s, knows the business.

BLE forever changes the way audiences view fashion that is quite unlike anything ever seen before.



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